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Project Overview

As a full membership based website, the aims of the project were:

  1. To improve upon the current website across all aspects.
  2. To provide a useful place for members to access resources.
  3. To provide up to date information on news and events, including event sign-up.
  4. To attract new members of Collaborate MK with clearly presented benefits.
  5. Reduce the fragmentation of the current site to improve usability, performance and security.
  6. To reduce as much ‘admin work’ as possible and shift the focus to user managed content.
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Intuitive UI

It was important to design a UI that felt as natural as possible across all devices and enabled visitors to find the content they were looking for and make the call to action.

Dynamic Content

A carefully designed system was put in place to use images and text dynamically across the site, saving time by intelligently reusing assets.

Tailored Hosting

Based on the expectations of the site and projected visitor numbers, we put hosting in place the provides solid reliability and security.

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Membership has its priveleges

The full feature list

  • Fully featured membership functionality
  • Training and resources section
  • Restricted content based on membership level.
  • Membership upgrade paths.
  • Automated email alerts and reminders.
  • Self managed profile and membership.
  • Event sign-up booking via third party integration.
  • Self managed password recovery.
  • Front end dashboard

Benefits of the design

Time spent by the Collaborate MK team manually adding new members and managing payments has been entirely removed, saving numerous hours per year. 

Business directory search and filter functionality has made searching companies a breeze.

Members can now create their own content, encouraging a rich and varied community.

Stability and security of the website has been greatly improved, as well as a reduction of server space by 563%.

User experience has been vastly improved to build faith in the website and help develop a thriving community.

Website shown on a laptop computer

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