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Executive level employment agency

Paradigm Employment Services is an employment agency that needs to react quickly to the opportunities that opportunities that present themselves and be able to update the content on their website quickly.

The site features a design style that reflects the type of person using it and allows for the opportunities on to be easily changed, updated and removed as required by market shifts.

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Bespoke Design

We designed the website to be intuitive to use and provide a natural flow of content that both serves the visitors and the needs of the business.

Intuitive UI

It was important to design a UI that felt as natural as possible across all devices and enabled visitors to find the content they were looking for and make the call to action.


We used animation across the site draw attention to key content and interactive elements, as well as put a bit of zing into the pages.

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New opportunities updated daily

Design that appeals to executives

Working with Paradigm Employment on their project was an absolute joy as they had both a clear vision of what they wanted and an open mind to ideas. The result is a design that is naturally stylish and a clear vision of the business owners.

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