Sue Garner

Advanced mentoring, coaching and training

Project Description

Designing and delivering bespoke training courses, with particular expertise in Trainer mentoring and training.

With the capacity to buy courses online, extensive research went into the navigational structure to deliver a site that enabled effective cross selling and related content delivery.

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Bespoke Design

We designed the website to be intuitive to use and provide a natural flow of content that both serves the visitors and the needs of the business.

Dynamic Content

A carefully designed system was put in place to use images and text dynamically across the site, saving time by intelligently reusing assets.

Onsite SEO

Our extensive research into relevant keywords and phrases was applied across the site to improve the quality of search results and increase visitors.

Designed to generate new business opportunities

The design of this site is all about accessibility and ease of use, encouraging exploration and content that is easy to find. The design works just as well on mobile and tablet devices, as well as adapting to different desktop screen sizes.

We went to great lengths to design a site structure and navigation system that works well for the visitors, as well as for the business. It follows the expectations of users regarding where the Home page, Contact and other standard pages are, as well as creating in-page signposts that lead to related content and call to actions.

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